Two more S-Type Ishida Multihead Weighers

We have just purchased another two S-Type Ishida Multihead Weighers.

These weighers both have 14 heads with flat pan stainless steel weigh buckets. The bodies of the machines are painted and each machine is complete with a remote control panel.

The shorter Ishida Weigher is ideal for snacks, confectionary, dry and delicate products and was manufactured in 1989. See this link for more details

The taller Ishida Weigher is ideal for similar uses although the machine is slightly older, (1984). See this link for more details

Both machines are in good running condition and have been well maintained.

Used Multihead Weigher with two way mix in good condition available to purchase.

We have just purchased a used Ishida Multihead Weigher that is ideal for dry, sticky, fresh, frozen and wet products including meat, vetetables, fruit, confectionary, snacks and many more. Requiring some minor maintenance, this machine can be viewed running and is currently open to offers. Please note: This machine is currently set up as a two way mix machine allowing it to run two products simultaneously into one single mix.

See more details here: